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  • Done With Winter? 12 Things You Can Do Now to Prep for Spring

    Don’t wait until spring has actually sprung to get ready for the change of seasons. As milder weather approaches and you await the return to outdoor living, there’s more to do around your home—both indoors and out—than just […]

  • 15 Places Every American Should Visit at Least Once

    From the Empire State Building to the Grand Canyon, America has countless iconic sites within its borders. Gain a greater appreciation for our nation's history, natural beauty, and architectural wonders by visiting these 15 destinations right here […]

  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen

    A well-trained thief can break into your car in less than 10 seconds, and it takes only a minute to hot-wire it and drive off. A car is stolen approximately every 41 seconds in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety […]

  • 14 Surprising Places Where Mold Hides in the Home

    One of the most common living organisms in the world may have taken up residence in your home, and you may not even know it. Mold—the common name for thousands of different types of fungi—can grow wherever moisture and organic matter are […]

  • 10 Things No One Tells You About House Flipping

    You’ve heard the story: Someone purchases a run-down house below market value, fixes its flaws, and sells the remodeled property for a hefty profit. But while this rags to riches tale is alluring, house flipping is a risky business full of […]

  • 20 Common Household Items That May Be Harming Your Pet

    As any pet-loving homeowner can attest, playful dogs and fluffy felines liven up the house and enrich our lives. But did you know that many people unwittingly expose their pets to harmful substances? A surprisingly large number of household items, […]

  • 21 Ways to Fake More Space Around the House

    If you're like most homeowners, there's at least one corner of your house where you could use a little extra space. Whether you're looking for a few more inches (or feet) in the closet, the kitchen cabinets, the bedroom, or even the garden, some […]

  • The 7 Weirdest Things That Can Clean Your Laundry

    How well stocked is your laundry room shelf? If you're only reaching for bleach, detergent, and fabric softener when you do the wash, it might be time to expand your horizons. The 7 unusual items listed here can help you clean and dry your clothes […]

  • How to Create Privacy in Your Yard - Simple Tips You Can Use


  • 15 Classic Roadside Motels You Can Visit Along America's Highways

    Who doesn’t love an all-American road trip? As automobile travel gained popularity in the early 20th century, a slew of kitschy roadside motels popped up along the country's brand-new highways. The golden age of road trips may have passed, but […]

  • 6 Popular Materials for Kitchen Countertops

    While buying a material for your kitchen countertop you ought to take into considerations numerous factors such as strength, durability as well as ease of maintenance. Once marble was considered to be the best material for kitchen countertops; […]

  • 21 Clever Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Brighter

    Some spaces feel tinier and more constricted than they have to, whether due to poorly placed windows or a lack of square footage. Luckily, short of knocking down walls, there are a few tricks you can use to make spaces light, bright, and airy with […]

  • How To: Cut Granite

    A popular choice for kitchen and bathroom upgrades, polished and sealed granite has the timeless allure, durability, ... […]

  • 10 Paint Colors That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

    Selling your home? If so, never underestimate the value of curb appeal. Buyers will often pay a premium for the prettiest house on the block, and paint color plays a huge role in that determination. Check out these 10 paint colors that increase the […]

  • 10 Things Never to Burn in the Fireplace

    Thanks to modern heating technologies, homeowners today no longer have to rely on fire for heat. Our homes stay nice and warm, even on the coldest nights. Yet there's still nothing quite as cozy as snuggling up next to a crackling fire. But while a […]

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