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  • The 50 Strangest Laws in America

    Whether they’re holdovers from the days past that never got updated or mind-twisting restrictions written up after some random incident go wrong, there are dozens of outdated, hilarious, and just-plain-strange laws still on the books in the […]

  • Video: These Things Don't Belong in Your Garage

    Where do homeowners turn when they need to stash off-season gear, sports equipment, and the odd power tool? Why, the ... […]

  • Leak Detectors: Your Best Bet to Ward Off Water Woes

    Your home represents your single greatest investment, and you treat it accordingly by taking precautions to safeguard... […]

  • All You Need to Know About Tuckpointing

    Bricks provide durable cladding for interior and exterior walls, chimneys, and fireplaces. But the mortar used to fil... […]

  • 11 Reasons Your Houseplants Are Dying

    Houseplants bring lush color and texture to the interior of your home—unless they’re yellowed, shriveled, or covered with fungus. Here are 11 reasons your houseplants are dying, with tips on how to save the greenery from an early grave. […]

  • How To: Preserve a Pumpkin

    The scariest sight on your porch on Halloween might not be the ghoulish grin on your Jack-o’-Lantern’s face, but rath... […]

  • 8 Times to Accept a Lowball Offer

    When the time comes to sell, homeowners always want to get the best possible price so they can recoup their significant financial—and emotional—investment. It is only natural to feel insulted and cheated when a potential buyer sends in a […]

  • How To: Remove Rusted Screws

    If you’re repairing old things, you’re bound to run into rusted screws. As long as you keep the right tools and suppl... […]

  • 5 Home Repairs You Need to Know

    Our house is one of the most prized possession we own or rent. All humans tend to spend a fair bit of money on building a lovely home to cherish. Thus, it can be said that maintaining a house and its components are absolutely necessary for better […]

  • 5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom in to the Perfect Spa

    Do you sometimes feel the day weighing on you? Do you at times just wish to cozy up and spend hours in a musical seclusion? Do you want to just soak in some bubbly hot water and sip wine forever? […]

  • 14 Ultrafunctional Ideas to Steal for Your Entryway

    First impressions are the most lasting. Ensure that your home makes a memorable one by designing an entryway that fea... […]

  • Solved! What to Do When a Tree Falls on the House

    Q: We just experienced a strong thunderstorm, during which a tree blew over on our house! We have no experience with ... […]

  • 10 Gifts to Get Now Before They’re Gone

    While it seems hard to believe, the holidays are right around the corner! As always, the hottest gifts of the season are already beginning to attract attention—and sales. We rounded up this year’s must-haves to take the guessing game out […]

  • Video: How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

    Winter is coming. That means ice, snow, and cold mornings that make you want to never get out of bed. Are you ready? ... […]

  • 21 Big Ideas for Small Closets

    There's never enough storage. Whether they live in a tiny cottage or a sprawling estate, homeowners always seem to co... […]

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